Shakes and Smoothies


In time that moves so fast and where the world changes quickly, an idea popped to reinvent the sweet beverages. We experimented with a range of products and flavors to get some of the best combinations and taste, our fondness for food and beverages helped us to create 50+ refreshing flavors of shakes and smoothies to charm the food lovers.

Instituting variants of “Shakes and Smoothies” was the idea in our minds and in the full swing we got our men to make everything fresh to order using pure and natural ingredients every time. Since the start, we intended to drive people happy with the selection of thirst quenching real fruit smoothies made with special crunchy ice, fruit puree topped with real fruits.

Other speciality we came up with, is the “Freaky Shake”, a product with full garnishing, flavors, topping and a splendid looks, one is tempted to have it on 1 st sight itself. The best part of Freaky Shake is that is comes with the goodness of high quality ingredients and lip-smacking combinations. Shakes and Smoothies are delighted to offer yummilicious flavors in each of the categories of ‘Milk Shakes’, ‘Thick Shakes, ‘Smoothies’, ‘Freaky Shakes’ and ‘Frappechinos’ over the counter and for take away in bottles.

“Shakes and Smoothies” is a new venture, a new idea and a new beginning for the beverage and sweet lovers.

The Concept-
Health conscious consumers are looking for options which are scrumptious, healthy and of course, an alternative to the fast food, the rise in this class of consumer who wishes to eat and drink healthy is what drives this concept. Milk and fruit are the two commonly found natural resources that are a gift to the mankind and are the base of all our products.

At Thick Shakes & Smoothies (TSS), the customers can indulge into intense conversation and dive in the healthy shakes. Our business concept allures the customers with the pleasant ambience and luscious drinks and the products are good to be consumed by the people of all ages especially kids. We are sure that TSS will sway people’s mind for our effort towards the healthy
and tasty shakes.

Advantage Shakes and Smoothies-

The health benefits of the shakes and smoothies made out of fresh fruit, milk & yogurt are known to all and there has been a constant rise in the convenient health drinks available in a variety of tastes. Shakes and Smoothies have a strong brand management that connects with the healthy food alternative only. As a business proposition, it will turn out to be a benign offer for both the investors and the franchisor.

The success conversion rate could be high as we make the best out of the natural food resources. According to a recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Packaged Yogurt Market Outlook 2018”, drinkable packaged yogurt market is growing at a CAGR of 68.74% over three years. This boosts our confidence to offer special yogurt smoothies in different 2 lavours.


  • Product range in verticals of ‘Milk Shakes’, ‘Thick Shakes, ‘Smoothies’, ‘Freaky Shakes’ and ‘Frappechinos’ over the counter and for take away in bottles, creates more business opportunities.
  • Luscious, scrumptious, tempting products with an excellent serving presentation that invite high footfall.
  • Products which are filling, hygienic, nourishing and an alternate to Fast Food.
  • Quick Serve, freshly prepared products using natural resources, fresh milk and fruits for a healthy living, will help business partners win in their respective market areas.
  • Heart winning sumptuous diversified menu for all age groups includes many classic and contemporary flavours like Blueberry, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Choco-berry, Red velvet, Belgian Choco Passion, Australian Peach, Passion Fruit, Caramelo, Oreo Mint, Nutty Snickers, Crunchy Nutella, etc.
  • Franchise friendly, profitable business model with high ROI on low investment.
  • Low inventory for better stock management and low pilferage, easy to execute Franchise Model.
  • Attractive marketing with excellent outlet launch plan – Customer attraction, retention and increasing value from same customer.
  • Active online and Social Media presence

Business Model-

We would love to spread the goodness of healthy and tasty shakes through our franchise model, in an organized work structure. The franchise partner will get complete access to the standard, quality raw materials, experienced management with a proven track record, a mature operating system and will benefit from solid branding, refined and effective support services.


  • Commercial place with an area measuring above 100+ sq.ft.
  • Ability to invest Investment 6-11 Lacs.
  • Arrangement of 2-4 working staff

Launch and Support-

Paving your way, the team at Shakes and Smoothies, extends full support in planning, designing and launch of your stores; the Franchisee will grow with growth of the company on processes, operations, revenues, product research and alteration / addition and you will be supported all the way through.

Our proven business model, instant access to all raw materials, marketing initiatives, financial tools and training guides will help to drive a successful business. Once you are up with the idea of running the franchise and have started it, our team will motivate and encourage for indisputable success. Staying connected will help at different times to resolve business queries and seek instant solutions.